The Delft City Shuttle is initiated by DOEL. DOEL is part of GGZ Delfland, a psychiatrical institution in Delft and it’s surroundings. DOEL stands for activating people who are in need of support to become a part of society (again). With different activities, wether it’s educational, creative, sportive or workrelated, we try to make the re-integration of this specific group of people easier.

Transportation is one of our activities. We transport people to and from their homes to our activities with busses. As part of their re-integration, the drivers work on our busses. When we we’re looking for partners to set up a bigger project, in the middle of the Delft, we quickly found six businesses that were willing to help us out.

Delft City Shuttle is the ultimate connexion: building chances for them who need some extra care, helping out the tourist industry in Delft and it’s a ecofriendly solution of transportation. The movie shows why this project is important to the drivers.

Note: of course, all drivers are screened before they are allowed to drive a shuttle.